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  • Enliven your team's entrepreneurial spirit by engaging them on a different level and pushing them to look at your organisation in a new and exciting way.



  • Entrepreneur is an experience that shows leaders and teams just how much latent potential is sitting inside their organisations, and how much more competitive, vibrant and exciting their jobs could be.
  • It exposes teams to a new level of thinking, a fresh approach to getting things done and a better mind-set in terms of identifying new, viable market sectors… as well as opportunities to truly delight your customers and shift your market perception and position.


The team will meet Mr. E. And Mr. E wants a very clear result.

They will have 48 hours to raise R300 000 for charity. They will have everything at their disposal from phones and cars to computers and the internet. They will have designers to develop marketing material, consultants to help coach them in terms of communication skills and mentorship sessions with entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

However, they will have to pay for everything as they use it. They start with zero in the bank account. They have a 24-hour line of credit on the resources at hand and will have to turn a profit each day to be eligible to use the resource bank on Day 2 and Day 3.

There are no hours of work, there is no knock-off time. There are no limits... other than one small detail. Funds may NOT be raised from fellow team members, customers or suppliers in the client's industry.

Every day is divided into 4 trading sessions of 5 hours. There is a boardroom review 4 times a day and team's have to produce their actual results... letters of sponsorship or remittance advice into the project bank account.

The phrases "busy with it", "in process", "trying", "waiting" or "ongoing" are not accepted. It is either done or not done. It is either signed and banked or it's hot air.

In Entrepreneur..."Talk is cheap... money buys the drinks!"

The 60-hour Challenge culminates in a live auction which the teams will have buyers arrive at and buy goods or services that have been procured by the team's in the previous 48 hours.

They will have had to plan, produce and set up this culminating event from the very moment they start on Day 1.


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