Socialiser Energiser



  • The business world doesn’t play by the rules all the time and neither does our round of Crazy Golf.



  • Expect the unexpected. Take a swing, you won’t be disappointed.
  • What a fun way to socialize with your team.


With Crazy Golf, we take the normal way of playing golf and make it different, those single handicap players you might have in your team, will also enjoy this as a challenge, to show their skills with their swing. Imagine doing that perfect swing, head down, eye on the ball, do not force it, let the club do the work for you, but you have to do that wearing a heavy coat that is too small or too big. Or, try doing that with one eye closed? With Crazy Golf, any swing is a good swing. Should you need a Mulligan, have two, but it will cost you, you will need to tell a joke, or do something crazy that will have your team cheer you on.

The teams will dress up, wear mismatched socks, and create situations where the odds of getting the golf ball off the tee are bordering impossible. With Crazy Golf, hitting a hook shot, will be perfectly fine, it will almost be the norm, but that is what it is all about, getting out of the seriousness of the rat race and letting your hair down, or, if you prefer, you can have it up. It will give non-golfers who have never had the experience of being on a golf course, the chance to share this experience in a non-threatening way with colleagues who are all playing off the same handicap, Crazy Golf!

Crazy Golf is an ideal tool to use at any time during a conference to set the tone of having fun or use it as an ice breaker. You can use it as a fun event after all the serious business has been taken care of. Everything from drivers to putters will be provided, enough golf balls to handle the trickiest situations, everything you need to turn Golf up-side-down. This is Crazy Golf, it is crazy!


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